Home Birth Supplies = Take One

There have been many questions at work as people hear through the grapevine that is every educational institution that Kevin and I are trying for a homebirth.

“where are you doing it?”
“what about the neighbours?”
“what are you going to wear?”
“are you insane?

All questions are fair and mostly I have enjoyed answering them. I thought I would translate my answers to my blog, and share, for those curious and for those in the planning stages (or considering stages) of a homebirth, what we have been encouraged to buy and what we have thought to buy.

So, the told to buy department:
This list came from our (new and sparkly) midwife and includes some basic stuff that makes sense (and some funny stuff I might not have thought of)
-bowl for hot water
-bowl for the placenta (we will be saving the placenta and making these really cool placenta pictures)
– bonnet for baby
-eye and nose serum for baby
-sterile gauze pads
-big blue waterproof pads
-maternity pads
-a waterbottle
calendula for the cord and my special spots
-food for us
-face cloth
-two big garbage pails
-two big garbage bags (one for linen and one for garbage bits)
-loads and loads of towels

Here’s a list of things that we picked up thinking we might need:
-clothes for me to birth in: a big summer dress, a sports bra, new undies, tank tops
-clothes for right after: socks, nursing tanks, jammy pants
-a sports squeeze bottle (for my special spot post birth)
-lots of oils and tinctures (motherwort, rescue remedy, fennel tea, after labour massage oil)
-birthing ball
-birthing pool
-tarp for the floor
-new sheets

The best part of this is how we have been to hardware stores, online stores, grocery stores, newage stores, and gardening shops in order to start to put these bits and pieces together….love it. I am 100% sure that the poor dude at the hardware store had no idea that we would be using the tarp as a part of our homebirth!

Anyway, who knows what we have forgotten!!! I guess we will find out soon enough!


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  1. Posted by zerbert on June 7, 2009 at 11:24 am

    What a crazy article! The only thing she mentioned that I thought was a little too much as far as advocating breastfeeding were the ads on tv, those seemed to be a little much. But other than that, I think she sounds like a mom who is trying to justify her feelings. It is certainly not article worthy writing!! I really don't get it when people say that switching to bottles instead of breastfeeding is easier and less time consuming. I think preparing and washing bottles is time consuming!! I had to pump for a year while I worked and I hated preparing bottles. When I quit working I gladly stashed away the pump and became a full time nursing mama. And there is nothing like a boob to soothe a child, even at the age of 2. hehe


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