Terrible Article

My ire was raised today when, after catching up on posts from one of my favourite blogs: Stand and Deliver, I was redirected to this poorly written article entitled “The Case Against Breastfeeding,” which was written by Hanna Rosin for The Atlantic. There are many things that I wish I could take Ms. Rosin to task for – but I feel almost certainly (after teaching Composition and Rhetoric at Sheridan) that making too much of her claims prior to my actual experiences with breastfeeding would be writing you could consider to be as poor as her own words. I will say that her condescension towards Lactation Consultants was done in terrible taste. I don’t care what she thinks or writes about breastfeeding, she has not right to take a shot at the important, legitimate and drastically understaffed position of Lactation Consultants.

Like I said, I will wait until I have my own experiences (beyond leaking colostrum before my baby is even BORN) to discuss before I actually reply to, what I think are, shoddy claims that she uses rather ancient stats and surveys to dam up. Wretched.

I had a visit to an osteopath today. Upon recommendation from my midwife, after having really the only pain or discomfort in this whole 9+ months, I went to see this specialist to find some relief for the shooting pain in my left thigh. He agreed with the midwife’s diagnosis of sciatica and gave me a good rub down. I feel quite a bit better and he said that I could come back as often as I like AND that he will happily see me for breastfeeding and running concerns (when I can finally hit the treadmill again).

I think veganbean has dropped down quite a bit this weekend. I really feel his movements in the lower bits of me, and the pressure is like being on the DropZone at Canada’s Wonderland. Better get the foot pump back from Auntie Kim so that we can start pumping up that pool as soon as needed.

Gosh – tomorrow starts my first official day off on Mat Leave (today is yet ANOTHER holiday in Belgium). Haven’t quite settled into the idea of being away from work (school more specifically, since I figured that the last time I was away from school for more than 2 months was when I was three years old!). I have some things to do before veganbean shows up:
1. more hypnobirthing sessions
2. a good root touch up
3. finish a few more thank you cards
4. make a couple more ‘just in case’ lists and piles for if we end up at the hospital
5. bake a cake for my kids for Wednesday (they graduate at the end of the month)
6. finish my damn birthing quilt
7. buy a birthing bikini (can’t have a birthing pool without a birthing bikini)
8. start to make some plans for my mom and dad’s visit. I think I am actually more anxious about making plans for them then I am for the baby’s arrival!!!
9. finish editing next months’ Rendez Vous section and start editing a new book I am looking at for a vegan blogger.
10. start drafting my own vegan pregnancy-mummy book!


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