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I have decided to switch over to WordPress for my Vegan Mummy blog. I still love Blogger, but I wanted to diversify and play with the tools on WordPress. So, here is our new home!

The veganbean is sleeping on my chest as I write – his favourite spot for sleeping. Attachment Parenting definitely makes for attached babies – at least in their infancy. He is a little piece of velcro. I am not complaining. I spent a lot of time before having him thinking about how my life was going to change and how the energy and love I put into things like my cooking and exercising would have to readjust, at least until the veganbean was a little older and was handling the world in a way that made him feel good and solid. That time has really helped me ease into this 100 percent parenting. He is with me about 99 percent of the day, and when he isn’t with me, he is with his daddy.That being said, we are already noticing that he is calmer and more capable of playing on the floor and chilling out on the change table while I throw in a load of his diapers. Hats off to Dr. Sears and his AP Philosophy – he is attached BUT developing a sense of self. What more could a momma ask for?

Our only sadness with veganbean is what appears to be his reflux. Poor little guy. He spits up like a mad man. His dad and I have now taken to totting around endless clothes and rags and have fitted Aodhan with some organic imsevimsy bibs which manage to catch a good deal of the non-stop dribbles.

I am trying to be stoic about it, and take the dr’s advice of ‘waiting and watching’ with the assumption that like 40 percent of babies, my son will grow out of this yuckiness; I am trying to believe that this really is just an underdeveloped digestive system and it will iron out as he gets a little older. It’s pretty hard though – watching your baby son curl up in pain, or make faces in his sleep when a batch of my breastmilk is returned to his mouth. I worry about the damage the acid is doing to his throat and new little mouth. I worry about the emotional effect the pain has on him. I worry about what I can be doing to make it better —- I have eliminated Soy from my diet. Though, Kevin is being pretty hard core about what I am eating right now, he has a point, as a vegan, I can’t cut out everything.

But, Aodhan is managing. He has good days, where he only spits up about 10 times and bad days, when he projectile vomits into the stratosphere and fusses from the discomfort. For a reflux baby he is remarkable, hardly ever crying and still gaining weight like a trooper. I just hate that he is hurting.


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  1. Welcome to wordpress my dear! Poor wee Aodhan, and poor you, it is so hard when our little guys are sick.

    My SIL’s son had reflux, and he did grow out of it, her doc told her that she was doing the best thing for him by breastfeeding, that he’d have had a harder time on formula, so that helped her feel like she was helping him even though she found it so upsetting to see. Aodhan will grow out of it, and in the meantime, he has his wonderful attached parents looking after him and helping him through it. It sounds like you are settling wonderfully into mama-hood and Aodhan sounds absolutely adorable 🙂


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