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Ellaroo Baby Carrier

I have been hesitating about putting up Aodhan’s birth story….for a couple of reasons. First, given the haze of labour, I can’t be sure that I have captured everything, and I don’t want to share an incomplete tale. Second, I am not sure that I am ready to have something that isn’t quite tied up in my heart yet, be up on the web. Although I am completely at ease with having had to throw out all of my home birthing dreams and head to the hospital in full and complete active labour (not an experience I suggest for anyone), I am not sure about being to see in print (and then realize I have not done justice to) the set of deep and still-hot-to-touch emotions that are associated with the day of my son’s birth. So, I think I will hold off for a wee bit longer.

But, I will write about other things. Like, how much I love co-sleeping! Nothing better then being woken up by the snuffling sounds of my little boy who is looking blindly in the dark for my boobies. Co-sleeping was pooh-poohed by the Belgian state nurse who came to check up on us in the second week of Aodhan’s life. The state doesn’t support it, but, hey, I don’t support their yucky tax system, so I think we are even on all accounts. What I do know is that behind all the great theory and writings about co-sleeping, and the role it plays in the Attachment Parenting philosophy, I have now seen first hand the practical and real-life meaning it has to me as a new mummy, my son, and my husband. We are all benefiting immensely from the decision to have a family bed – and there has yet to be any downsides (besides the glorious new puke, pee and poop stains on our sheets).

I also wanted to quickly (and I mean quickly, as Aodhan catches the last few winks of his morning nap in daddy’s arms), comment on the baby-carrier we picked up in Canada. It’s a Mei-Tai made by Ellaroo, and we have been really impressed with it. Not only can I manage to wrap the baby around me, quite securely, all on my own, but the baby does seem to love it for its snuggle capabilities. The only problem with this carrier is that I can’t breastfeed him in it. And if there is anything Aodhan loves, it’s breastfeeding. I wanted to find a way to feed him and let him nap (as he wakes as soon as we put him down), while still being attached to me. In the end we opted for purchasing a second sling of the ring variety, a locally made brand: Dharti. I am still fiddling with it (despite the hours of instructional videos on youtube) and find that getting it perfectly fitted while the baby remains asleep or latched a little difficult. But, I have visions of the future – being able to feed/nap while cleaning/cooking/writing/dancing (???).

Well, today is my birthday AND Belgian Day…so we are headed out to see what the city has to offer in the way of celebrations.


(Fuzzy) Baby On Board

One thing that both Kevin and I are most anxious about is how our fuzzy family members will accept the arrival of our little man. Anxious in a funny, can’t wait for them to meet kind of way.

There are loads of articles that you can read, spanning the spectrum of ‘Get Rid of Your Pets Before You Even Conceive’ to ‘Heck, Let Them Suckle Right Along With Your NewBorn’. There is also the ubiquitous “Here are some helpful tips” articles that all online magazines like to offer their readers.

Despite this plethora of reading material we have decided to play it by ear, without the option of ditching the kitties even existing on our radar. There isn’t an obscene amount of concern on either of our virgin-parent-parts, both Sylvia and Eliot don’t seem to use their claws for much more than ‘making muffins’ on our tummies when they have been lulled into a 10-second kitten state of bliss.

HOWEVER….it does seem to be a good thing that we have opted for doing a balance of co-sleeping and cotsleeping (probably mostly co-sleeping for the first few weeks, while Aidan and I – and my boobs – adjust to night feeds) because who did I find in the brand new Moses Basket this morning when I sleepily poked my head into the slowly transforming backroom – baby’s bedroom? Eliot had decided that she would cuddle herself down into the new basket a few months before Aidan could get in on the action. Thank goodness my wonderful mom, who went through the horror of Belgian customer service to order all the new bedroom furniture for us, isn’t too picky about which one of her grandbabies gets to sleep in the basket first. (thanks mom, we really appreciate your kindness and support).