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There is something both odd and comforting about having your baby’s heartbeat listened to by your midwife while laying next to your kitten (her sister is sitting on Aodhan at this very moment, making typing a difficult but enjoyable experience). I had my first homevisit yesterday and it was pretty great. I have bonded so much better with this midwife, and her approach is so much more patient and woman-focused. She supports our homebirth choices so much and makes me feel like I can do just about anything! She is also anti-intervention, even from the perspective of the midwife, and encourages me to go with my gut (hah!) and call her only when I think I need her. Lovely. She drew more bloods (she patiently waited 25 minutes for my thin vien to pop up high enough so that she wouldn’t bruise me – now that, after years of being impatiently prodded by technicians, impressed the pants off me). I will see her colleague next Thursday.

Today I have started to pull out of our ENORMOUS (seriously, you should take a look) C.D. collection, the discs that I want to have lined up for the birth. Here is my list:

Leonard Cohen: Songs from a Room
Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days
Tegan and Sara: The Con
Great Lake Swimmers: Ongiara
Sarah McLachlan: Closer
Sarah Harmer: I’m A Moutain
Neko Case: The Tigers Have Spoken
Stars: In Our Bedroom After the War
Jason Collett: Here’s To Being Here
Peter Gabriel: Passion
Bonnie Prince Billy: Not sure yet…..

So this isn’t really whale calls or a beach sound scape, but it is what makes sense to me.
I also have my Hypnobirthing C.D. I think I will leave all of Kevin’s Joy Division and The Fall on the shelf for this one.

I am starting to have that: well this could start any hour now feeling. I have never been very good at waiting – ask my dad about Christmas presents and the almost physical fit and torture I experience knowing that there is a present with my name on it under our tree. And now try to imagine how I am coping knowing that there is the world’s biggest and bestest present waiting….but without any real kind of date like: December 25th….I am going to crack. Literally.

I promise to get those darn birth pool pictures up asap. Hopefully Kevin will remember to bring home the foot pump tonight. BUT, the truth is, the poor man has had more on his plate the last two weeks then anyone really should. On top of being a super faculty member, he is also a project manager of this HUGE program the school is implementing next year, which means he has been at meetings every week (and some weekends) for months now, making presentations to just about everyone and trying to form a coherent sense of what the program will look like. In addition to that he is still playing with his cello group, trying to write physics exams for next week AND deal with a massive pregnant (and sometimes cranky) wife. My darling man – how do you manage? So, when he does remember to bring the pump home, I will blow ‘er up and get her online!